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Monday, July 4, 2011

Kiddie Alarm Bracelets..What Will They Think Of Next?

We've bought at one time or another, fashion accessories for our kids. Playing dress up with the little one always is a great idea. Hats, sunglasses, bags and the likes appeal to our inner fashionista most of the time, and its practical use (if any), only secondary. This is why I think it's really great when I find new cutting edge items that combine both.

Picture this: You're shopping with your toddler in a crowded mall. Your toddler, who is as curious as anything is the type who tends to wander away for a little exploring the second you take your eyes off him. Aside from buying one of those kiddie leashes (of which some designs I feel offensive as it seems more suited for a pet than a child), the latest trend is getting alarm bracelets!

Yep! Think Lindsay Lohan (only much smaller and without a drinking problem) and her house arrest monitoring bracelet (turned plastic and not linked to the cops).
The receiver that lets you know that your child has strayed 

These plastic cutesies wail out an alarm when your child wanders off away from you, anywhere from 1-20 meters. Just let your child wear it like a bracelet or a baller band. If you're worried that he or she will take it off, fret no more. There's a small plastic key that locks it in place. Don't forget to put in the batteries (AA and them round ones for the receiver), set the distance on when to alarm, and voila! Your child is escape proof :)
See? Told ya it locks :)
I haven't seen this product anywhere here in the Philippines but Phee managed to buy one online through eBay. The cost of the item plus shipping was less than 1000 php.

Another use for this when your child isn't using it is that you can attach it to your purse, cellphone or luggage. Just don't forget to remove it once you check it in though :p
says so on the label (you could use it on your stuff too)
A great and practical item for all you mommies out there especially when you're out on your wanderings with the lil one.
MAX and his new fishy friend 

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than mine :)

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