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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snowfall At The Baguio Country Club!

On our way to the Christmas Village
I've always seen our hometown, Baguio City as a year-round Christmas village. Perhaps it's the cool weather that allows it's inhabitants to don winter wear almost year round...or maybe it's the pine trees that we can see and smell, or the clouds that tend to hover around and not just above us, or the fog rolling in every now and then...

MAX getting a whiff of Christmas :)
With much less pollution, the air is often crisp and clean. It could also be the slower pace life passes you by in this town of friendly people. Whatever the reason, I've felt that Christmas seems to come faster (and even lingers longer) in our beautiful city.

Given the city's "Christmassy" feel, it was a stroke of genius that the folks of the Baguio Country Club have decided to put up their very own Christmas Village. 

Located at the BCC skating rink, the Christmas Village offers a little something extra to the others: snow!
Frosty's cousin, twice removed

On certain scheduled dates, snow machines are brought into the village to rain that beautiful white, fluffy stuff that brings the kid out of everyone. From December 23 to January 6, snow shall fall four times a day in the village (how's that for an uber-accurate weather forecast?), so be sure to put on something warm.
snowfall 'schedule and other activities at the village

one of the many mini houses that dot the village

Mixed with the beautiful mini houses,  tastefully installed Christmas lights, a storybook village layout and the cool Baguio clime, snow falling down on you is truly an experience worth taking. A choir group also serenades the village's visitors, adding a tad more Christmas spirit to the venue.

Entrance is for free for BCC members, dependents and guests, while a minimal fee of PHP 30/adult and PHP 10/child for non-members and guests may be paid at the entrance.
warm food, cold drinks, there's plenty for everyone
Villa Cordillera (a Baguio Country Club run) restaurant
serves great food at reasonable prices
Food and drinks aren't allowed to be brought in the venue, however, there are several booths that allow you to buy delicious snacks like hot dog sandwiches, cotton candy, popcorn and marshmallows that you can roast at the village's Bonfire Square. There are also shops that sell various merchandise for yourself or as gifts.
roast your hotdogs and marshmallows here :)
Relive your childhood, experience something different in Baguio City, visit the Baguio Country Club Christmas Village!

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

***2013 update: Christmas village is now up and running. Admission is 80 pesos for adults and 40 pesos for children. Opens from 6-10 PM daily til January 5 :D

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