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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VERTIGO : At The Macau Tower

As with a lot of folks in the world, I suffer from a fear of heights. So what better way to confront this fear than to go 233 meters up to the Macau Tower's view deck :P

clearly unafraid :p

Opened in 200, the tower stands at 338 meters high and has a spectacular view of the 3 islands of Macau. It also houses shops, function rooms, restaurants and extreme sports! Here are stuff we did:

  • Upon entering the building, go straight to the information desk. There you'll find tickets for packages (food+view deck tickets etc.) that would suit you. TIP: check the little card rack on the side of the counter and find free mini postcards on points of interest in ton. It gives you tips on what to find, where to find and possible costs (ex. St. Paul's Ruins).

  • There's a well stocked Toys R Us on the 2nd floor, a DC clothing kiosk on the ground floor and more shops at the lower floor (Lush, an optical shop and reasonably priced souvenir kiosks).

  • Several restaurants and snack bars may be found in various floors of the building. For a complete list, check out their website.
  • The View Deck: located a floor below the extreme sports area, there's a portion of this glass walled room that also has glass floors. 

frozen smile. enough said.

don't look down...

best advice from a total stranger, don't force yourself to walk across it. Try crawling!
glass floor check in effect!
  •   One floor above the view deck is where you may find the AJ Hackett bungee jumping area. Skywalking, Tower climbing and other related extreme sports may be experienced at this non air conditioned area. Here are the rates:
click to enlarge. BTW, it's so much cheaper to avail of the extreme sport packages if you're a senior citizen...just saying

those who can...do..and those who can't, just crowd the glass walls and live vicariously through those brave souls jumping off the place

spot the bungee jumper
The Macau Tower is a good place to pass the time. They also have a movie theater in it's premises. Whether it be shopping, dining or taking in the breath taking 360 degree view, you can't go wrong in heading out to this building.

nice tag line!

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

the view is absolutely great!

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