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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ketchup Is More Than Just A Condiment

cant wait to start eatin'! BTW, wear something warm when dining at night. Place can get quite chilly

Perhaps the best ideas are the simplest ones. What used to be a plain old  boring lot that would house an occasional restaurant of sorts is now a fully operational 5 restaurant food community.

the food map to this wonderful food place

Located at Romulo Drive, Barangay Lualhati (right across Wright Park-the horseback riding place), this place is open Mondays-Sundays, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Ketchup consists of five locally owned food establishments that offer Indo-Malay, Filipino, Thai, Asian-Fusion and American cuisine.

checking out the food at Rumah Sate

The fun part is that in this community, you can order food from any of the other establishments even if you're inside another.

The outdoor dining concept may get chilly on the cold months, but the nice ambiance and resonably priced fab food makes up for the cold.

grilled meat from El Rancho, fried rice from Happy Tummy as well their Crispy Catsifh and Mango Salad made us all smile :P

Located between these restaurants is a central open space for small casual events, outdoor parties and mini-concerts, that gives you that spacious appeal even though there are now a lot of patrons to the place.
the spicy squid was wonderful too (rectangle plate)
 Opened in March of this year, this foodie place is one of the popular places to eat with friends or family.
spicy hot kebabs from Rumah Sate! Ala carte or by the stick..it's all good
Our faves include the Thai Fried Rice and the Crabmeat Rice at Happy Tummy (150 PHP an good for 4 healthy eaters).

crabmeat rice
thai fried rice
 Then there are those real spicy kebabs, prawns and laksa from Rumah Sate:
gotta use the dip or the prawns can be a bit bland

authentic flavors. try the laksa

And some other stuff like seafood lomi (one huge bowl can feed six as a side dish) for 150:
thick, rich and sea food laden, this lomi is the bomb!
We've also tried the grilled dishes at El Rancho. Hopefully, we could try Canto's and Green Pepper's offerings the next time we drop by the place.

tender, juicy and spicy. looved the crispy anchovies too

A great place to be at, no complaints about the food and well the crowd is pretty decent. You gotta love Ketchup!

the laid back, casual ambiance makes it perfect for famil night
 From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

very satisfied customers

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