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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mae Krua : A Thai Restaurant Review

Going to Bangkok, Thailand was one of the best trips we've ever had. Aside from the various activities that can be done in and out of the city, the low cost of living was a big plus.The one thing I miss the most though is the food!

Tasty, strong flavors, varied textures and beautiful presentations, make me wish that I live in Thailand.

Heading out to Cebu, right across the unit we stayed in at the Crowne Regency City Suites, Ramos Tower was a place that took me back to Thailand.

Mae Krua, an authentic Thai restaurant, complete with a Thai decor, Thai snacks (tamarind candies, crunchy anchovies and more) as well as that seemingly relaxed ambiance (with lots of groups sharing laughs over a fab meal), I fell in love with the place.

Located at the corner of A.R. Villanueva and F. Ramos Street (#80 F. Ramos Street), they've got EVERYTHING one can hope for from a Thai restaurant! Wish I took a pic of the menu (AGAIN!!) to show you just how comprehensive the menu is. Luckily, the website MunchPunch has most of the items on their website: click here.

The seafood we had was fresh, the portions, good for 2 and the taste...spot on. The price is relatively inexpensive (close enough to the prices in Thailand!). This is what we had (some repeated over a two night period):

Appetizer Platter - Por poa/ tod mun goong/ gai hor bai toy/ nua thod jim jaew 195 PHP
**chicken pandan, calamares, fried beef in sesame seeds and spring rolls (pork, vermicelli and some veggies). this came with two sauces, one spicy and the other was peanut based

fried chicken with basil and lemongrass and a sriracha dip 145 PHP

Thai Fried Rice and Prawns (platter size 180 good for 3)
Spicy Prawns 200 PHP

Thai Milk Tea
my fave, Tamarind Juice (just like the way mom makes it)
We had a pretty good time eating happily at Mae Krua. The service was pretty fast and efficient. The waiters knew their product and the food was great. Give it a try if you're in the area :)

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

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