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Monday, October 6, 2014

Ecstatic For Organic - THe Mountain Grown Natural Food Shop

There's this place I've been frequenting regularly at the top of Session Road. It houses a variety of organic produce, condiments, snacks and meat  that are both fresh and inexpensive.

assorted dried fish, shrimps and squid from Cagayan Valley plus snacks and noodles made from different vegetables

Run by nuns, the Mountain Grown Natural Food shop offers stuff from the region as well as other organic commodities from as far as the Cagayan Valley.

herbs, salad greens, Highland veggies, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and the likes,  that range from 20 pesos a pack to 200 pesos
they also offer salad dressings. Try the Iggy's House Strawberry Dressing. It's divine!
Prices range from 20 pesos to 200 pesos that it would now break the bank whenever you cook up a healthy and nutritious meal for your family.
assorted local wines
medicinal teas and Good Shepherd products

Some of my favorites include:

free range chicken, cara beef and other organic meat products that vary depending on the supply
alfalfa and even broccoli sprouts (60 pesos a pack) and locally made camote bread
assorted vinegar bottles
more than one variety of lettuce (normally 25 pesos a pack)
snacks cooked by the Baguio locals, and priced reasonably (try the sampalok balls!!)
organically grown fruits, root crops and exotic seeds and leaves for the health buffs out there
sweet potatoes, cucumbers and many more

cookies, banana chips, malunggay noodles and chichacorn, among others
Visit them all week, from as early as 7 in the the morning to 7 in the evening. They're right across the Baguio Cathedral.

they're right across the parking exit of the Baguio Cathedral

From TMW may all your wanderings be better than ours!

my daily habit - organic food shopping :)

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  1. hello po. today after attending the Holy Mass, I went to this shop for some veggies. I paid exactly 500 pesos. And when I arrived home in LT, kulang po pla ung nilagay nila sa paper bag ko. Do you happen to know the cp number of this shop po? TIA