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Saturday, November 19, 2016

La Trinidad Good Eats: Half Cup

our latest happy place

In a busy little side street beside Savemore La Trinidad is a quaint little café that offers both sweet and savory treats. A must-visit place that opened just a year ago, I was still amazed at how I have not heard about this foodie gem until recently.

it tastes as good as it looks

Getting resto recommendations in La Trinidad, Benguet from my foodie high school friend, Doc Anna was a godsend.

I did not expect seeing as quaint and cozy as this place, in a side street in La Trinidad

Heading out to the Valley every Friday for MAX’s occupational therapy sessions has been a series of rushed lunches in Baguio or laid back lunches in Seafood Island or Jack’s Restaurant in the area. It was getting quite old. 
not knowing what to expect, MAX was worried that this was going to turn out to be one unsatisfying meal...glad the place proved him wrong
 Yesterday, Phil urged MAX and I to open up our adventurous sides and go on that 2 minute (or less) walk to Half Cup. 

Half Cup is on the left of that bldg with lots of clothes hanging

To get there, you have to go inside the side street on the left side of Savemore , La Trinidad (if you’re facing said building). You’ll pass a fruit stand on the left. Keep on walking until you get a glimpse of a laundry shop / used clothes shop. Look to your left. You should see a driveway that leads to a small 2 storey structure. 

The signage is the color of café au lait, so it’s kinda easy to miss this on a sunny day. However, the Half Cup’s lack of contrast on their signage has been more than made up for by their delicious and affordable food, superb service and wonderful ambiance. 

Here’s a look at their menu:

My boys ad I ended up with this:

Phil's baked ribs with fries and Spanish rice (as the 2 side options that go with all meals). Ribs were tasty and tender!

All meat sandwich on whole wheat bread. Don't let the cup size fool ya in this pic. This sandwich was LOADED with beef balls, bacon, pepperoni and cheese!

MAX got the bacon carbonara (Pasta Alfredo, really), served with freshly baked wheat bread slices.
 Thirsty? Aside from the drinks on the menu (no soda. The closest thing is Canada Dry), they have free brewed coffee, flavored and regular water – you’ll just have to get it yourself though.

 Mango infused water and mineral water - all free
The staff we encountered were all courteous, alert, thoughtful and knowledgeable of Half Cup's products…down to what spices were used!

Your server's name is on the order booklet on your table. Wasn't able to take a pic of our server's booklet though...

to make sure they get your orders correctly, you get to write what you want. Server will collect it soon after

When Phil sat on a seat with a low back, a member of the staff rushed to get him a chair with a higher back. It’s those small things that make this café extra special. Food wait time was also minimal.

The décor is casual, using lightly varnished pinewood for the furnishings and flooring, the lighting perfect and the background music, just right for our son MAX’s sensitive ears.

Overall, we were stuffed with the generous portions of food served. It was perfectly seasoned that we did not have enough space left for dessert after we dug heartily into our huge cups (The Half Cup, remember?). 

Given how delish our lunch was, we knew dessert was going to be good too. We got some fudge cookies and cupcakes to go. The dessert did not disappoint.

we got a classic chocolate cupcake (not too sweet, fudgy and divine), a savory cupcake  - pesto with cream cheese icing (yum yum) and these uber delish fudge cookies that did not skimp on the chocolate pieces

We will definitely go back to Half Cup (as if this blog post wasn’t proof enough!).

These 5 pesos cookies are must eats!! Hoarding when we come back next week :)
You can get in touch with them through these numbers:

 From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!!