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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cafe Tahru: A Hole In The Wall With Generous Portions

Heading out once more to valley, we tried out another near-by cafe. This time, we went and had lunch at Cafe Tahru. Here's a little write-up of our Cafe Tahru Experience.

1. LOCATION: Located right across BDO, it's on the second floor, right above LBC. It's a stone's throw away from Savemore La Trinidad. Quite accessible on foot, there is no available parking for this Cafe. Score: 3/5


2. MENU: a little of everything as far as comfort food goes, however, not all items were available when we were there. Here's a look at their menu:

*Side note - the wait for your food is, on average, 30 minutes.  Score: 4/5

3. FOOD: Portions are huge!! One plate is probably good for two, and not just for light eaters. Taste is so-so to good, at best. Presentation is great. Prices were reasonable, with respect to the size of the portions. This is what we got: (Score 4/5)

Combo 1: Fries, "carbonara", grilled pork chop, salad with thousand island dressing and fried chicken

Combo 2: Fries, salad with a thousand island dressing, spaghetti, buffalo wings and fish fingers for Phil

MAX's carbonara with ham

Fresh lemonade, milk tea and iced tea

4. SERVICE: given that food prep takes a while (they were pretty upfront with this one), I was hoping that everything else wouldn't take so long. Ordering time (including the handing out of the the menu) was average. Bill out took about 15 minutes, but everyone was pleasant. If you think that 30 minutes wait for food and another 15 minutes wait to pay for your bill is ok, then by all means, this is the place for you.  Score: 1/5
 Pluses and minuses: great if you're starving as the portions are huuuge! Bad if you're starving as the food takes a while

5. AMBIANCE: the establishment took effort in trying to do the best that they could with the small space they were given with. That being said, this diner makes you want to eat and run, if only service was a bit faster. It was cramp, not cozy. Score: 2/5

I'd probably recommend this place for healthy (big) eaters who have the luxury of time, don't need the parking and not really picky with where they eat their food. OVERALL SCORE: 2.8/5

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!