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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Valley Good Eats: The Cabin (Not The Horror Flick, But The Cafe)

As promised, TMW shall be visiting La Trinidad Valley cafes and restaurants as we try to come up with a list of good eats in the area. For this blog, we visited The Cabin.
The Cabin is a quaint, rustic looking cabin that's been tickling the locals' palates for the past two years. It's opened the whole week from 9 in the AM to 8 in the PM. We only found out about it quite recently, and thus decided to check it out.

decisions, decisions, decisions!
1. LOCATION: The Cabin is located on the left side of a side street after Mercury Drug La Trinidad (that is, if you're coming from Baguio). It's about a 2 minute walk upon entering said side street. It's quite near from the main road but hard to spot if there's a big pick up truck parked right in front of it. SCORE: 4/5 
2. MENU: The cafe offers a variety of pastas, burgers, salads and all time favorite comfort food as well as hot and cold beverages that don't include canned juices and soda.THe closest thing you could get to having soda is a wonderful creamy root beer float. Unique items on the menu offer promises of interesting flavors and somehow deliver. Prices were reasonable too. The only ish I had when we visited was that not all items on the menu were available. SCORE: 4/5.Here's a look at the MENU:

3. FOOD: I enjoyed The Cabin's food offerings! Food was made fresh, with fresh ingredients; portions were huge in proportion to the cost; flavors were great (with a little room for improvement, but taste is always a personal preference indeed) and I must say, the kitchen folks at this establishment know how to cook. SCORE: 4/5  Here's what we got - 

a. Chicken and Chips - fresh cut potato fries (you may opt to have sweet potato fries too) and made-from-scratch chicken nuggets, offered a great meal for our MAX. I love their chic ken nuggets! It's crispy on the outside but tender in the inside, juicy and lightly seasoned. The dish came with a ranch dressing dip, but the chicken (and  fries) are good on their own.

b. Jalapeno Burger - Think of a burger patty made with sausage meat and chopped Jalapeno, cooked perfectly that it was still moist and juicy, toppped with coleslaw in a lightly toasted bun with a side of fries. I though that the burger was delish, with a hint of heat pack between bites. Phil felt that the coleslaw took away from the flavors of the burger, that all he could taste was slaw. If you want more of the heat, I suggest that you ask for the coleslaw to be served as a side.

c. Tuyo at Kamatis Pasta - I intitially wanted a Po Boy, but shrimp wasn't available, so I opted to order this dish. Tuyo (or dried herring) is usually salty, so I was expecting the slat component to the dish. Sauce was nice and a little sweet, which would've been perfect had the fish been salty. Instead of tuyo, I tasted flaked sardines. The tomatoes and olives were the perfect  blend and the toasted wheat bread slices were perfect for scooping out the sauce. I just wished I had a little more of the tuyo flavor.

d. Apple-Banana shake - just a great, all natural tasting shake that's sweetened by the flavors of the fruit.

e. Rootbeer Float - made the old-fashioned way, topped with a generous helping of cream. Really good.
f. Choco mint frappe - enhanced by real mint leaves, it's refreshing, not too sweet and just a great accompaniment to any dish.

service water, just help yourself to it
4. SERVICE: the staff of The Cabin is both smart and efficient. They know what they have to offer and take pride in it too. The wait time, for the the great food quality is minimal and yes, I'd trust their judgement of recommendations. Oh, and they also have fast FREE WiFi. SCORE: 5/5

5. AMBIANCE: Decorated to look like a little shack, with kitschy mismatched decors and furniture on the inside, the place would remind you of a weird old uncle's bachelor pad, just much cleaner. Atmosphere is relaxed, not obtrusive back ground music can be heard but the place felt a bit dimly lit. They did a goo job on recreating that "Cabin" feel, so yeah, I'd give them a SCORE: 5/5.
We had a great, laid back lunch experience at The Cabin. The food was great, our tummies were happy and my husband's pocket wasn't weeping when we got back. MAX had no sensory issues with the place and helped himself with the gusto as soon as the food arrived. Our OVERALL SCORE: 4.4.
The Cabin is worth another visit (or more).
From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

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