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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Baguio Food Crawl At The Cedar Peak

Meet my eldest son Trey. At home, we call him Cokey. Yes, I am a mom to a 20+ year old person :)
Since our last Food Crawl at SM North's Food Circuit, eldest son was intrigued as to how food crawling worked. Him being of legal age, I likened it to bar hopping; but instead of having the goal of trying to get more inebriated as the night wore on, the goal of a food crawl was to try as much from the menus of various establishments.

To teach a novice the "Art of a Successful Food Crawl" we went to Cedar Peak Residences, a building right across my son's place of higher learning: The University of Baguio.

Here's where we went, what we ate and what we thought we tried out (all because sometimes the establishment's menu says one thing but ends up tasting like another).


SOLIBAO - serves Filipino dishes, desserts, Cebu Lechon, fresh fruit shakes, Vigan empanada, Shawarma and many more. A veritable food crawl joint on it's own, that's been a premier Baguio food establishment for several decades. (AKA Where you go if you want to enjoy your meal). They also have two other branches in the city.

What We Ate:
a. Binagoongan Binalot - steamed rice, pork binagoongan, salted egg, a huge slice of tomato and soup
b. Pulpog and Ampalaya and Shrimp

What We Thought We Ate: Home cooked meals that remind you of your Mama's cooking, that is; if your Mama can cook good food


CLASSIC SAVORY - opened since the 50s in the Philippines, with two branches in Baguio, they offer Filipino and Chinese dishes and desserts.

sorry, son's pretty new with the" photo before eating" concept

What We Ate:
a. Combo B - classic Savory chicken, Salt and Pepper Squid, Rice, turon and iced tea

What We Thought We Ate: since the whole concept of our food crawl was to hit all the food establishments in the building, we took the easy way out and ordered a little of everything via this little platter. Eldest son, Cokey is now a fan.


LING NAM - Another restaurant that has been around in the Philippines since the 1950s, they're famous for their noodle dishes. Serves Chinese food.

What We Ate:
a. Spicy Spareribs with Salt and Pepper
b. Pancit Canton
c. Fragrant Harbour Rice - fried rice with meat

What We Thought We Ate:
TOO MUCH! This is the first Ling Nam branch in Baguio. I've always loved their food (not as much as I love Hap Chan), but yeah. It's comfort food.



What We Ate:
a. Fisherman's Platter - breaded fish fillet, fried calamari rings and some mussels topped with cheese. Dish comes with tartar sauce and should've had shrimp tempura in it, but the resto was fresh out of shrimp
the menu

What We Thought We Ate: dried, boring bar chow. Mussels were so overcooked that they were stuck on the shells, all shriveled and dried. Fish fillet and calamari tasted the same too - like breading! 

sudoku and word puzzles while you wait to be served

I didn't bother with the tartar sauce, figured it was just mayo anyway. Generously poured a lot of hot sauce on my plate to compensate for the lack of flavors and uber dry textures. They should rename this dish and call it the Baker's Platter instead as everything seemed to taste like bread crumbs anyway.


HOW COW MILK SHAKE FACTORY - milk shakes and cakes. A one stop shop for desserts, sweet things and happy thoughts. Place is uber cute and Instagram worthy

What We Ate, er, DRANK:
a Snow Man Milk Shake -  a white chocolate milk shake

What We Thought We Ate: creamy, milky yummsies! (shake so good, it's rendered our brains to mush)



What We Ate, er, DRANK:
a. Mint Chocolate Frappe - halved my sugar level and still enjoyed this refreshing chocolate drink.

What We Thought We Ate: the folks from Infinitea are "sukis" or regulars in our youngest son's school whenever they have food bazaars and school programs. Yes, we are fans of the brand.


TIYATRO - we thought this was just a KTV / Movie place. Turns out they have that as well as nachos, fries, popcorn and pizza! We will check you out real soon Tiyatro!

There you have it, our Baguio Food Crawl - Cedar Peak Edition. Eldest son and I had a blast and a full belly to boot!

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!


  1. Awesome food adventure,

    There will be a new restaurant diner in Cedar Peak I encourage you to come back for it after the renovation is done.

    Anyways that you are wondering Cedar Peak is a mix-used condo commercial building if you want to know more you can just drop and visit us at www.BaguioPrimeRealty.com

    1. Thanks for wandering over to our humble blog :) Thanks for the heads up too! We shall surely check out Cedar Peak's latest dining option and would add our review to this blog post. Cedar Peak's layout and location is truly ideal!

  2. Enjoyed reading this! You look too young to have a kid in college. I like that you got enough photos to support your claims. Overall, it was an easy and very informative read for just a few minutes of my time. As if I'm that important. Just wanted to note that I'm not fond of wordy blog entries. =P
    I'm intrigued by that milk shake shop. Will be trying that out when I get the chance.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Maam for checking out our blog! Much love too for all the comments given =) all our co-Wanderers' opinions matter (namely, you) so thanks for reaching out to us and let your thoughts be heard. The milkshake shop is still as cute as ever. If you like authentic Chinese food, a new food franchise from Beijing opened shop at the same floor as Ling Nam. It's called Xianghe. My hubby and sons loved it so much, I wrote a blog about it too http://themediocrewanderer.blogspot.com/2017/06/xianghe-beijing-food-at-table-in-baguio.html .
      Thanks again for wandering over to our blog ❤️