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Monday, March 27, 2017

Success By The Dozen (And Counting) - Ridgewood Hotel At 12 And Their Let's Eat This Tag-init Menu

starting them young - here with my blogger-in-training, MAX
In the highly competitive world of the hotel industry, it's always a good thing when you make it through your first year and even better when you make it through the next. 

But for the owners, management and staff of Ridgewood Hotel, the journey is even sweeter now that they have reached the 12th year mark.

a home away from home
To celebrate this momentous occasion, TMW was among those who were lucky enough to be invited to their 12th year anniversary dinner and the kick off for their Let's Eat This Tag-Init menu last March 25.

The affair itself was more than well attended, with Baguio's who's who in the hospitality industry,  media, f&b and social media. 

L-R Kiko V. of ABS CBN Baguio's Mag TV, The Mediocre Wanderer family, Ridgewood Operations Manager Russ de Guzman and SM's Eljay Ursua

It was a night of good food, camaraderie and thanksgiving, held at the hotel's restaurant. We'd like to send out a big "thank you" to Ridgewood's Operations Manager, Russel De Guzman.

Baguio's multi talented fashion designer Harvic Dominguez and events coordinator extraordinaire, Chai Ramos

As with the TMW norm these days, I'd like to give you, dear readers, a sneak peek of Ridgewood Hotel's summer menu:

a. Pampagana, Hindi Pampa-High Blood - Chicharon, Mangga't Alamang if these were supposed to be bad for you, then we don't ever want to be good!

b. Soup Ulam - Bulalokaw rich tasting beef broth with greens. Authentic bulalo at it's finest.

c. Salad Muna - Baguio Berde Baguio's famous salad greens, for those who indulged on the first item of this menu :D

d. Pasta Kung Umasta -  Pesto Kasama Kita with tinapa or Pinoy smoked fish on the side as garnish, our MAX had 2 full plates of this dish

rubbing his hands in glee as MAX enjoys his soup and pasta
e. Patok Pag Manok - Cordon Bleu PH Version ham and cheese wrapped in chicken, then breaded and fried then coated with a nice tasty cream sauce. Sobrang cheesy, just the way we like it!

f. BOB (Babi of Baby) - Lechong Kawali Istokwa with Bitter Ocampo love the name, love the huge chunks of lechon cooked in sauce that came with the dish

g. Baka Pag-ibig Na  - Salpicow a saucier version of this classic beef dish

h. Isdabest - fish (and shrimp) menudo I must have more of this!!

We came and left in high spirits, with a full tummy to boot! Too bad we didn't win anything in the raffle, but we had a great time, regardless. 

earlier that evening

blues and yellows to reflect sun and sky at Ridgewood's Let's Eat This Tag Init

 congratulations Ridgewood on your successful event and your 12 solid years in the biz

Thank you Ridgewood Hotel for having us! Congratulation on your 12th year, may you be blessed with 12 hundred more anniversaries!!! 

For those interested in staying at the Ridgewood Hotel for a wonderful getaway or to just simply check out what's cooking, check out their website at this link: RIDGEWOOD HOTEL

From TMW, may all you wanderings be better than ours!

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