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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tour De Food : Eating Our Way Through The Food Circuit At The Block

Baguio City's biggest week-long street-food and shopping fest, Session Road in Bloom is over and done with for the year. TMW missed it since we spent a good part of that week in the island destination, Boracay and another 48 hours in Manila. Not to miss out on the aimless walking and munching, we headed out instead to SM North's The Block and went around their Food Circuit (#TheFoodCircuitAtTheBlock).

Going there on a Thursday lunch hour, after running errands all morning, we were quite happy that the place in front of the SM Hypermart wasn't horribly packed and the ambient sounds were quite tolerable for our sensory-sensitive son.
Doing a "Tour de Food" with Phil and MAX, here's a quick list of where we went, what we ate and how it all went down:

Tour de Food #1: Cafe Adriatico Express

* serving Spanish - Mediterranian dishes and light fare from 10 AM to 10 PM. Breakfast is also served, but only till 11 AM
** here's what we got:
a. Baby Squid Pasta - Sauteed baby squid with garlic and tomatoes, finished with a touch of squid ink and Parmesan cheese.
***What We Thought We Ate - see above description and add the words "lightly seasoned". Salt intake isn't a universal preference. I felt I needed just a little more salt which the Parmesan cheese could not provide. Other than, the dish was enjoyable.

b. Spanish Callos with a helping of garlic fried rice - Ox tripe cooked with chorizo and garbanzos.
***What We Thought We Ate - delicious yet small portioned, Phil had a hankering for this tapas option (hence the serving size). 

c. Express Meal #1 - Carbonara and garlic bread, served with a garden salad.
***What We Thought We Ate - MAX made quick work of his pasta, which tells us that it's flavors are familiar and good. Phil and I split the salad, of which the fresh greens and dressing were also delish.

Tour de Food #2: Kumori
* Japanese bakery and cafe
** here's what we got:
a. Green Apple Bun - Soft bun with apple custard filling

b. Kodawari Cream Bun - Soft bun filled with creamy egg custard

c. Krone - Hollow flaky Danish pastrytube freshly piped with a creamy egg custard filling, sprinkled with snow sugar powder

d. Hanjuku Cheese (original) - half baked Japanese style cheesecake with a rich and moist cream center 

e. Signature Cheese tart

***What We Thought We Ate: EVERYTHING!! We enjoyed our visit to Kumori especially the Hanjuku Cheese. Makes me wish there was one here in Baguio City.

Tour de Food #3: Baskin Robbins
* ice cream, desserts and beverages
** here's what we got:
a. Very Berry Strawberry
b. Triple Chocolate
**What We Thought We Ate:this has been around for what seems like forever! I'm happy it's still around and that MAX can still get his ice cream fix from Baskin Robbins

Tour de Food #4: La Lola Churreria

* serves churros, drinks and savory snacks
** here's what we got:

a. Clasicos Jr. -  3 pcs of hot and fresh churros in fun sized cone with junior size of any dip flavor
**What We Thought We Ate: great freshly cooked churros and a not so sweet signature chocolate dip

Tour de Food #5: Rita's Italian Ice and Frozen Custard
* ice cream, desserts and beverages
** here's what we got:
 a. mint oreo ice and butter pecan custard

**What We Thought We Ate: since entering the Philippine shores in 2015, the promise of an icy cold treat and creamy custard ice cream is simply divine!

We would've eaten more but MAX wanted to go and get some fries from Potato Corner in the SM Food court. And yes, we continued our "Tour de Food" there, but that's another story for another day.
From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours! 

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