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Saturday, April 8, 2017

10 Places To Eat At When On Vacation In The Philippines

TMW takes you around the Philippines in search of good eats. Kain tayo! (let's eat)
In the Philippines, one of the longest holiday breaks happen during the Lenten Season or Holy Week. 

the best meals are those shared with family
With a few more days before this long break, I'm sure a lot of you have made travel plans with family and friends. 

Should you go to the ff. places in the Philippines, here are a few recommendations on where to eat:


1. BAGUIO - The TMW hometown and one of the coolest (literally) vacation destination in the country; there are so many great foodie spots in the highlands and looking through TMW's pages would tell you that. 

However, should you have big appetites and a budget to maintain, let us introduce you to Zio's Pizzeria along Military Cut Off Road. Big portions, good tasting comfort food and family friendly. Here's a look at their menu:

Half Cup's anniversary menu
2. LA TRINIDAD - if you plan to go strawberry picking in La Trinidad, don't forget to stop by Half Cup (please read our BLOG on Half cup here) . Since April is their anniversary month, expect some new, limited dishes to pop up on their menu. All good, guaranteed:

what we got: (Clockwise) Maple Bacon Waffles, Spicy Chicken Tenders, Creamy Bacon Pesto, Guilty Treat ( a dessert with vanilla ice cream, fries, bacon and chocolate covered pretzels) and the Laing Pasta (with crunchy anchovies..sooo good!)
the king of all crispy patas at Kinabuch's

3. PALAWAN - while beautiful beaches and lots and lots of interesting sights would definitely fill your stay in the area, getting stuffed is a must to keep up your strength. When in Puerto Princesa, do find time to visit Kinabuch. Here's a look at our visit to the place (BLOG LINK HERE) and it's menu (LINK HERE). And, if you could, order the crispy pata. Trust me. Me and my boys still dream about it's crunchy skin and juicy, oh-so-tender meat.

at Kusina sa Plaza's Cafe

4. MARINDUQUE - this charming island boasts of beautiful beaches and warm, friendly people. It also has Kusina sa Plaza and it's adjoining cafe. 

More on Marinduque munchies on this TMW POST.

5. VIGAN -  History and good food. All great reasons to visit this UNESCO Heritage site in the North. When in Vigan's Calle Crisologo, do visit Irene's Empanadahan (check out our Vigan blog here) and Lampong's for some good ol' Ilocano treats like pinakbet, bagnet , dishes topped with more bagnet and so much more! 

sinigang na bagnet

Here's a look at their Facebook page.


6. BORACAY -  While being on this tourist-filled island,  you have a whole lot of choices - from fast food staples, sea food stations and high-end options. One foodie place that stood out was our Paella meal at Dos Mestizos along Remedios street, Sitio Manggayad, Boracay Island, Sunset Road, Malay, Aklan. Spanish Filipino heritage cuisine that is sure to please! 

Paella Negra and Paella Valencia, divided equally among our dinner group
Come as a group and order what we did or come all by your lonesome; have some of their many tapas and a cold brew, and you're all set! Here's a look at their menu:

the chicken here is TDF!
7. CEBU CITY - Aside from home, Cebu is hands-down, my favorite place to go to in the Philippines. There's so much to do and so much to eat that leaving the Queen City of the South is one of the hardest things to do. 

Oyster on a half shell  from Oyster Bay
When in Cebu City, do check out these oh-so-good places that TMW has visited: SEE TMW LINK TO CEBU GOOD EATS HERE.

8. BOHOL - the beauty that surrounds you while in Bohol is seriously dream like! The beaches are pristine and the flora and fauna, teeming with life. There's so many good eats in the area too that makes it hard to pick just one favorite. 

But for a nice, hearty group dinner, do check out Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast in Tawala, Panglao Island, (just 975 meters away from Alona Beach). 

calzone from a brick oven

osso bucco

Osso bucco, pastas and pizzas galore. Check out their Facebook Page here.
right smack in the heart of Eden
9. OSLOB, CEBU - Told you, Cebu's got a LOT of good places to eat at. When you're done swimming with the whale sharks, you may want to visit Eden Resort and their delicious pizza. 

Seriously, it's worth a trip. Check out our EDEN experience at this TMW BLOG.

horeshoe crabs at Marina Tuna
10. DAVAO - Marina Tuna is our favorite sea food joint in the country! Sea food's sooo fresh that they're still swimming right before you order your dish! The menu is crazy long and it can get really hard to stick to a budget while you're there. Here's what we chose at Marina Tuna as well as a look at their menu: (SEE TMW BLOG HERE

food for 8 became food for 3 :P
There are still so many places to find good food in the Philippines. Our country's warmth and love for family, combined with the cultural influences from other nations who have sought our shores, is clearly found (and tasted) in our cuisine. 

at Isdaan in Tarlac
 Wherever you go in our 7,100 ++ islands, from TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!


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  2. nice menu salamat kababyan! tara na! I'm still looking for best place to stay in manila