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Friday, June 30, 2017

CALLE UNO - A Baguio-Born, Volkswagen-Based, Food Truck Park

taking a break from with the boys
In the grand scheme of things, regardless of one's status in life, food is often the expression of love and affection. So much so that the term "wine and dine" has been used to express how one was treated lavishly. Whether it be a special occasion or meal shared with our loved ones, food always plays a part in setting the mood. However, it's rarely free. If you want to treat someone to good food but are low on funds, check out Baguio's Calle Uno Food Hub.

Here's our two cents on the place:

1. LOCATION : located at #3 Escoda St., Corner Naguilian Road, Quezon Hill, it's quite accessible via public transportation as well as private vehicles (yes, they have a parking lot). It's roughly a 5 minute ride to and from the city, which makes it near. SCORE: 5/5

2. AMBIANCE: Being Baguio's first food truck park, and the first Volkswagen-based food truck park in the Philippine, the place is an an outdoor haven of food and quirky genius!

Volkswagen Beetles and Combi Vans have been re-purposed into food service machines. It's al fresco dining.

We went there one late morning. Sun wasn't a problem as a parachute/tent was there for shade. We had issues though with the a couple of flies dive bombing our food. Perhaps investing in a couple of industrial grade outdoor bug zappers would be great. Other than that, the place was relatively clean and in order. SCORE: 3/5

3. SERVICE: everyone we dealt with that day was polite, pleasant and efficient. Food was quick, delicious and serving portion vs the price was just right. SCORE 5/5
Munchiez' Menu

more stuff from Road Grille

4. MENU: There are now 8 concessionaires in the area- Munchiez, Brrgrr, CheatDay, Road Grille, Pendong, LiveLong, Binge Beetle and Yamashita. Here are their food offerings: I loved the variety and the prices! SCORE: 5/5

5. FOOD: we arrived at the place around 11 ish. The place was labeled as a food park that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. However, not all of the food trucks were opened. Before we left (a little past noon, some folks were still getting ready to open shop). This limited our options, so we ended up getting (review below pics): SCORE: 4/5

a. Yakiniku Don from Yamashita - big bowl of beefy love. Hits just the right spot as far as taste and size goes.

b. Steaks (Ribeye and Porterhouse) from Munchiez - small to average steaks, but nice, tender and flavorful. Props to the place too for having a great beef supplier. Order the double steaks. You won't regret it.

c. Spicy Wings, Poutine and an Italian Soda from Road Grille - spicy wings came back bloody, so we had to have it recooked. It was good buffalo wings, minus the bleu cheese dip. Was expecting cheese curds to  cover the poutine. Instead, it was served with gravy. We're gravy people, but somehow, Road Grille's gravy was lumpy, and quite frankly, tasted like raw roux (flour and fat cooked together to thicken sauces).

I loved their green apple Italian soda though. Quite refreshing and light. 
*we weren't able to try all the stalls as they were not yet opened at the time of our visit


Our overall scoring for Calle Uno was 4.4/5.

We had a good time checking out the food offerings, would go back if given the chance to do so and would probably recommend some of the food trucks in the area.

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

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