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Friday, June 2, 2017

Tajimaya Charcoal Grill Baguio - A Constant Eat All You Can at P499

It's been a week since our 4th son, MAX, attended his school's recognition day ceremony. Since the ceremony ended before noon, MAX, Phil and I decided to go to Tajimaya Charcoal Grill.

It's been around since summer of last year, but we haven't gotten around to trying the place out. We tend to avoid crowded, newly opened places, due to MAX's condition.

If the name sounds familiar, Tajimaya has branches around Metro Manila, with the main one, originating in Japan.

Here's our Tajimaya experience:
it's right across SAGE. Here's our review of that place: http://themediocrewanderer.blogspot.com/2015/02/sage-advice-restaurant-review.html

1. LOCATION - situated along Military Cut-Off, its near enough to be considered downtown, but far enough that you escape the central business district's traffic. SCORE 5/5

2. AMBIANCE- as you may have read in the past editions of TMW, our son MAX has sensory issues. That being said, the place was perfect for him.

Ambient sounds and background music was at a minimum, lights were softly lit, the furnishings were well spaced and tasteful;

PLUS there were wonderful specific areas for waiting for a table, parking space, a smoking area and a PWD lift and access area. SCORE 5/5

3. MENU - Extensive albeit pricey for the Baguio crowd, there was a little of everything for everyone.

The best draw though is their eat-all-you-can sit-down buffet (which is a steal at 499 pesos BTW). There were a lot of things that I would love to try, the next time we visit the place. Here's a look at their menu: SCORE: 5/5

4. FOOD - MAX loved his bowl of yakiniku don, while Phil and I relished our eat-all-you can time (2 hours is allotted per customer. we couldn't eat that long). Here's what we ate: SCORE: 5/5

5. SERVICE - fast, polite and attentive staffers waited and attended to us. No complaints whatsoever. Everything was refilled (when requested) immediately. Even replacing the charcoals was a breeze :) SCORE 5/5

We enjoyed the food and pretty much everything else in Tajimaya. Phil (who once lived in Japan as an exchange student) felt that the food was more Korean than Japanese, but that wasn't a gripe.

It's a great place to go, especially if you're healthy eaters. I wouldn't mind visiting the place once more. Props too to the staff, for their excellent service. Overall score: 5/5

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

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