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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Where Do The Titas of Baguio Eat Brunch?

Over the past 5 years, my "Tita" circles have kept on growing. I've got my various PTA groups, my son's therapy center clique, my high school batch mates, and my (insert current or former occupation) bosom buddies. 

It doesn't get anymore "Tita"-ish than to have coffee or brunch. Since I'm banned by my cardio from the latter (also a Tita trait), eating out while catching up is my jam. Here in Baguio, catching up means heading out to the ff. places :

1. Le Chef at The Manor ( 750 PHP / pax)
When you're with your chi-chi Tita friends, no venue is more apropos than this Club John Hay Hotel. It's wide selection of continental and local breakfast food always hits the spot. A mound of bacon with salad on the side? A scoop of fried rice with waffles? Go ahead. Indulge. The buffet warmers are quickly refilled so no one will judge you as you gab and gobble away. The price for the buffet and the distance from town also keeps crowds away, so you can be sure that certain people you don't want to see would remain unseen.

2. The Olive CafĂ© at Venus Parkview Hotel ( 210 PHP / pax) 
The menu never stays the same except for the staples like waffles, fresh garden salads, fried and steamed rice and the stuff from the egg station. Everything else are freshly cooked dishes, not all breakfast classics. The ambiance is quite pleasant, the location, extremely accessible and the staff, extremely accommodating. This is perhaps the most favorite place to head down to, as far as my PTA peeps go.

3. Citylight Hotel (220 PHP / pax) 
Right in the heart of the city, Citylight's breakfast buffet has more viands on hand than that of Venus. However, it feels as if everyone is here. Food's actually decent but there are days when you have to wait in line to be accommodated.

4. Station 120 ( 120 / pax)

Probably the cheapest all-day-breakfast buffet I've ever since. I heard it was owned by the folks who own Citylight.

The two establishments are a few minutes walk from each other. Choices at Station 120 are varied but taste-wise, quite "blah" with a capital "B". The place fills up fast though, given its price.

5. Il Padrino ( please see blog here)

6. Good Taste
Let's face it. After a sweaty round of Zumba or a quick round of chikahan, stuffing one's face with freshly cooked Chinese-Filipino food, whilst staying on a budget is nothing to be ashamed of. That's why us Baguio Titas love GT. Portions are huge, everything is fresh, service is quick** and prices are uber reasonable. The place is quite huge, so no need to worry about space when you're with your hungry amigas. 
And if you've managed to use up the time needed to cook food to bring to your kid at school or to feed the folks at home because you were so caught up with the chitchat, GT has a good selection of food that can feed your barangay.

** just not on a weekend when droves of people from here and out of town crowd it's 5 story building and when there are school activities about as it is the go to place for potluck contributions

7. Pizza Volante
A 24 hour place the serves good food AND delivers. It's Phil and I's food destination after we have our quarterly blood work done (such a Tita and spouse thing!). It brings up our sugar levels from pits of oblivion to waaay above hangry in no time. Here's a look at their menu:

There's so many more brunch places that have been popping up here in the city of Pines. We'll try to explore more and feature it in our blog. For now, from TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!!