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Friday, July 5, 2019

A Website That Makes Life Easier - Session Groceries

Delicious palabok from Session Groceries

It's safe to assume that busy people lead busy lives. Though a much smaller city with a slightly slower pace, Baguio has it's fair share of folks who run themselves ragged with work, chores, caring for their family and so much more "to-dos" in between. This is why we, the Baguio peeps, are so stoked with Session Groceries.

Session Groceries is an online one-stop shop. Need groceries? Need someone to pick up stuff from the market, the drugstore or food from your favorite restaurant? Done and done. Also, if it's not on their website, just insert the product that you want on the comment section once you check out. Someone will call you to confirm your order/s and you can discuss your requests then.

Another amazing thing about Session Groceries is their delivery flat rate 100 pesos. Fast food from 3 places? No worries. Add a few items from the supermarket? Still 100. There's a queuing system though, and it's first come, first served. So if you plan on getting dinner, order it earlier. Even if it's 12 noon, you can ask them to deliver it by 7.

Oh, by the way, should you plan on buying fresh produce, know that you are helping our local farmers since these vegetables are sold directly through Session Groceries.

Here's how to order from Session Groceries:  Web Address - https://sessiongroceries.com/

FIRST: Register an account with Session Groceries. It's FREE

SECOND: select your item/s from the drop down menu

There are restos that may be found under the "CRAVING? HUNGRY..." category

Can't find what you need from your chosen food source? 
No worries. Follow the next step

THIRD: after choosing at least ONE item by pressing ADD TO CART  
to activate the next step,  go to VIEW CART. Fro here, press CHECKOUT

You can key in additional orders NOT found in the drop down menu as well as  other requests.  
A customer service personnel will call to confirm your order once you finish the transaction. 
You could discuss these additions with them further.

FIFTH and FINAL STEP: PAYMENT. Direct bank transfer or COD is available. 
The website also has a pop-up real time chat window, should you have any queries.

We've been using this service for about a year now, especially when I had just given birth to my 5th  child. The thing I love the most about Session Groceries is that it's more than just tech and convenience working together. There is still a human component in their transactions where, if needed, their riders and admin extend their help beyond what's on the page .

Trustworthy, efficient and overall good people, make up Session Groceries. When in the City of Pines, give them a try.

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

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