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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The EMERALD WATERS TRENDY HOTEL : It's Like Being With Family

Team PandA visits Hanoi, Vietnam
 We had just gotten back from Hanoi, Vietnam and I must say, I already miss the place. Perhaps, it's because of the food and the things to do. But I think, it's mostly because of the people we've grown fond off over the past week.
see how near Hoan Keim Lake is (beyond that white structure)?
One of the best assets of Hanoi are it's people. Most especially the ones who took care of us at the Emerald Waters Trendy Hotel. Here's our EWTH experience in a nutshell:
the view from the hotel's rooftop restaurant

1. LOCATION: The Emerald Waters Trendy Hotel can be found at #38 Lo Su Street, Hoan Kiem District, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam. Staying here puts you right smack in the middle of most of the items on one's "to-do"list. It's near traditional Vietnamese eats, fast food, souvenir shops,shopping zones, historical sites and a hop and skip away from the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake. It's accessible by cyclo, cabs, uber, grab and what have you, giving it a 5/5 score in this category.
Thomas, the best front desk staff in the planet!

2. STAFF and SERVICE - Opening it's doors in April of this year, this hotel is fairly new. It's so new that when we booked our accommodations around December of last year, it was still under a different hotel chain altogether. Arriving early in the A.M., we were shocked to find out that particulars of our stay were not endorsed by the previous owners (despite having booked through Agoda).
one of the highlights of our trip: a tour arranged by EWTH's manager, Kelvin

Imagine our stress: Our airport transfer had already left, we were with our 9 year old son and it was like 2 or 3 in the morning, during the PEAK season. We were supposed to be booked for 6 nights! Luckily, the front desk staff on duty happily took us in, secured us a room for the night and told us that we can sort out the mess in the morning, AFTER we have gotten a good night's rest. (Someone give this kid a raise!!)

The next day, we managed to talk to their Manager, Kelvin. Not only did he assure us that despite Agoda Vietnam having communication issues, they weren't about to throw us out in the streets. This god sent Manager even arranged for our city tour (more on that in another blog), and elevated our Halong Bay/Bai Tu Long overnight cruise (yes, another post, another time). Him, together with the rest of the staff (Thomas, Grace and the many others who always offered a sincere smile, an extra hand to carry our stuff, provide food for our picky eater, arrange our transportation and hand out a ready map to point us in the right direction) were all wonderful examples of what it means to be in the hospitality and tourism industry.

All lovely people, I assure you. SCORE: 100/5!!! (Of course, for objective purposes, I'll be making this a 5 in the score sheet).

3. SERVICES / AMENITIES - Given the typical size of most structures in the area, having  pool, gym and parking spaces (for cars) in the area is not possible. What they lack in this aspect, they make up in the following areas:

a. FOOD AND DINING - a well stocked breakfast buffet that gives you the option to ask for something that's not in the menu, should you not be pleased with what's served. Try the pho. It hits the spot. Drinks are also quite reasonable, considering you're in a hotel.

b. SPA SERVICES - I never really got the time to enjoy the services offered, but one can schedule massages, nail treatments and what have you, at your convenience. It's slightly pricey though compared to regular spas around the city.

c. TRAVEL TOURS - ask whatever comes to mind. The guys at EWTH are great in signing you up and coordinating a tour according to your budget and available time. We ended up with a guided city tour and a cruise from them. No regrets whatsoever. Would've booked a walking street food tour, but sadly, our son was too pooped to party.

d. SECURE STORAGE - we went on an overnight cruise. Despite being checked out, the staff kept our belongings safe and intact.

SCORE: 5/5

4. ACCOMMODATIONS/AMBIANCE - We managed to check in at EWTH twice, during our stay in Hanoi. Because of the booking mix up, we had to give up one night from our 6 night stay, which wasn't bad because we were on an overnight cruise at that time. Welcome drinks were offered during the second time, but we just wanted to get a bit more sleep as our day started quite early, coming from the cruise.
the hotel's breakfast buffet
The air conditioned rooms assigned to us were spacious, immaculately clean, tastefully decorated and everything in good working order. We had a small fridge with beverages (water at $.50 and sodas at $1 each) and cable TV. Rubber slippers, ear plugs, a safe and a digital weighing scale were available for use in the room as well).

The bathroom had a good sized tub in it - perfect to soak in after a long day out. Toiletries were also provided.

The double bed and pillows assigned to our room had just the right amount of firmness and softness always assured us a good night's sleep. SCORE: 5/5

5. VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY - Given the wonderful service, the totally accessible location and full breakfast buffets, you'd be surprised to know that room rates start at $40/ night. SCORE:5/5
the quaint, yet tidy hotel lobby

I am absolutely stoked to share our Emerald Waters Trendy Hotel experience with everyone, because it really is a great idea to stay at this boutique hotel. In fact, we have given this hotel a PERFECT SCORE of 5/5!!

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!!!