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Monday, June 20, 2011


Sunblock, food and drinks, umbrella, after sun gel, light cool clothing...
we were all set!
The Philippine Crocs Mega Sale was one of the most awaited event in our household. Last year's sale yielded 13 pairs for our motley crew c";) alone, on top of the 6 pairs for my cousins and nephew.
my hoard
MAX's caymans
for MAX's kuyas
We went back to the 2010 venue twice, waiting in line for over an hour in the summer heat just to get in, another 2 to 3 hours to rummage through the items and an hour to pay for the treasured footwear.  The drive alone in that sale-induced congested area along Ortigas on top of finding ANY parking space was simply insane last year! But did we learn our lesson? Noooo! We came back, more determined than ever, to hoard more Crocs even if 18 pairs  may currently be found in our home!

the line 
The June 9-12, 2011 sale brought us down from the mountains of Baguio into the parking space heaven know as The Fort. The Megatent may have been bigger but the NBC Tent was a better location in terms of traffic avoidance and other concerns that last year's sale brought about.

lunch is served!
We were ready to line up for a full hour, anticipating the mob scene. We even bought food from the McDonald's , Mang Inasal and Yellow Cab crew who were peddling their wares from little thermal bags.
MAX decided to sleep (again) through the madness
Ten minutes under the sun, and 2 blocks away from the entrance, a very enterprising Filipino-Chinese woman befriended MAX, Phee and I, and moments later, one of the event's marshals.  The result? We were able to get inside the venue in the next 10 minutes.

Why were all the good buys taken? sniff  :(
We decided to go to the 2nd day of the sale, so yeah...we DID miss out on all the great deals. Unlike last year, things were much pricier. Maybe that was why there were less people in the much smaller venue. To sum it all up, we came out empty handed :(  The styles and corresponding prices we wanted were not available, and buying the remaining cheap items were just not worth it. Bummer!

pretty tame crowd compared to last year's mob

I can never hate Crocs though for not being able to buy anything from the 2011 megasale. These lightweight, durable and comfy shoes are tootsie staples in our home. They've come a long way from the clunky designs, and judging from the "cool" comments we get when people see the matching  Sta Cruz Crocs of Phee and MAX, Crocs will never go out of style. Here's looking forward to the 2012 Crocs Mega Sale!

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than mine :)

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