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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Oh-So-Nice-r (The Inex Ozonizer Review)

Mommies and cleanliness often go hand in hand. Being obsessive-compulsive when it comes to your family's health is the norm. I'm sure I'm not the only person here who often buys things with the words "antibacterial" labeled on them. From soaps, socks, food containers and so much more, you just gotta have these babies. Protecting your family from germs and bacteria that could make them ill is simply non-negotiable.   

Because of this, we ended up with the magical gizmo known as the ozonizer. 

Not having written anything in this blog for over a month for various reasons, inspiration struck when a storm raged over our city. The power has not yet been restored, so I'm quite worried over the food in the fridge, the seafood and the veggies particularly. This was when the ozonizer came in handy.

Bought at one of those shops that have sales personnel approach you from the mall's entrance, this handy item from Japan was one of the things thrown in the package which included a massage chair, a beauty massager set, a 4 in one cooker, a digital scale / fat analyzer and an energy cooker (more on any one of these later).

According to it's label, the Ozonizer:
Immediately removes 80% to 95% pesticides, antibiotics; hormones from meat and vegetables. Kills 99% living micro-organism, viruses, germs in the meat, veg. & fruit. Fruits & vegetables, fresh-keeping ; mold proofing. 

Ozonization can eliminate residual chlorine, foreign flavour; heavy metal in tap water. In air purification: increase oxygen content in air and refresh air. Sterilize kitchen utensils, baby bottles, etc. Sterilize farming (seriously have no idea what this is)and watering flowers. Treatments to skin diseases (haven't explored this area). Low investment with great benefits.

Reading some articles by reputable government agencies, I've read that inhaling ozone might not be the healthiest idea, so I'm not even going to recommend that, but it's practical application on sterilization and food preservation was not bad at all. 

We used it on the food items mentioned above. The result, fish still smells clean even a few days after it's been bought (this was after I froze it and defrosted it 2 days later). Meat ozonization took out scum from the water surface after I treated it. Veggies are still a ok, even the ones I bought a week earlier. I'm not sure if putting them on ziplock bags were quite helpful, but hey, as long as food is kept longer.

It doesn't even take a rocket scientist to operate this. All you have to do is put a little water along with the item you plan to clean. Pick up its stone attachment and submerge it into the glass container that has your items in them.  Pick from buttons on the machine's interface (purify water, food, etc..please see pictures below), and voila, it's fool-proof! 
foolproof menu system

At around 3000 php or so, it's a good tool in keeping your food fresh longer on top of refrigeration. Here's to you and your family's health.

From  The Mediocre Wanderer, may your wanderings be better than ours.

(more pictures to come)

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