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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baguio's Best Kept Secret...Wood Nymph

Sundubu Jjige (spicy soft tofu stew with some shellfish and a fresh egg)
with various appetizers in the background
Living in the vacation town of Baguio City, there are always a lot of things to be appreciative about. We're all grateful for the cleaner air (compared to the bigger cities), lower cost of living, greener surroundings and the fabulous cool weather. But sometimes it has his downside, specifically the weather.

A typical Baguio weather for most of the year (except during the summers) are the warm mornings followed by gloomy, cold and wet afternoons. Not only do people get sick with these weather fluctuations, we really feel it because of the cold. 
Wood Nymph SM's interiors
One secret that I, and a couple of others do when we want to clear our sinuses or just feel warm all over is to head on out to Wood Nymph; a Korean restaurant situated in a house turned food establishment along Military Cut-Off Road and another in the 2nd floor of SM Baguio.
Wood Nymph Military Cut Off (will post pics from the inside next time)

Authentic and not fusion Korean cuisine fill their menu. Reasonably priced, huge portions and spot-on flavors keep me coming back for more.

As with most Korean restaurants, you are offered an array of appetizers after ordering your meal. Around 6 kinds (selections may vary depending on the availability) including the standard Korean fare Kimchi are laid out for you. Other appetizers including boiled marble potatoes in syrup, spicy dried tofu, dried anchovies steamed watercress, mongo bean sprouts and so much more.
MAX opting for some Chapchae (potato noodles with lots of meat in it)
The menu is quite extensive and written in English aside from the  Korean characters in it. If you're still having a hard time picking out your meal, the waiters are quite knowledgeable in the food choices. Ask for Kurt. He's been there the longest and has never gone wrong with his recommendations. But just in case you want to scope out the food, here's the menu: (click to enlarge)
page one
***On this page: Sundubuchige is my number one choice whenever I have a cold :)
page two
**On this page: samgyupsal (korean bacon) - a good mix of sweetness and spice. Ask for some samjang. Put a bit of it on the meat before you wrap it in lettuce to balance the flavor.

page 3
***On this page: Try the Japchae. Think of our local pancit bihon, just with better noodles, a sweet-ish sauce and lots of meal in it.

page 4
**On this page; the Spicy Sea Food soup rocks! Cooked for you by one of the waiters, the spicy broth goes well with the clams, prawns, crab and fish fillet in it. 

page five
** On this page:  if you plan on ordering a rice topping, try the rice topped spicy roasted squid. The squid slices are quite tender while the thick chili sauce that it's cooked in has a hint of sweetness that enhances the squid's flavor.
page six
***On this page: set meals that are actually big enough for two people with average sized appetites. The BBQ sets are well recommended.
page seven
***on this page: Kimbob. My kids love this. Think California Maki, but with bits of ham, scrambled egg and some crunchy veggies.
page eight
***On this page: my ex-office mates and I often go for set one as it has most of our favorites.

For those who love spicy dishes, this here is the closest thing to heaven. And if you happen to be with someone who isn't quite adventurous with their food choices, there's always the fried chicken and other none spicy viands. The laid back, casual atmosphere is a great place to spend time with family or friends.

**Quick tip: the Military Cut Off branch works well as a date place. Still casual, but not mall-casual if you get my drift.

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours.


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