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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

High On Hainan: Hainese Delights

Ever get the feeling that fastfood's simply about deep fried, mayo'd to death and just plain oily? Not that I'm complaining or anything, as burgers are always appreciated, however, there are days when I feel that my kid's gotta eat something more than that. Something more substantial yet affordable.

yummy Hainese chicken
Just discovered one such place that has apparently been open since December at our local SM (and I think most  SM Malls in Metro Manila have this franchise). The place is called Hainese Delights.

Hainese Delights is Chinese fastfood joint that offers flavorful and decent food selections especially for those on a budget. Most of the dishes are 120 php or less. All dishes come with free soup and ala carte meals come with unlimited Hainan Rice.

Try their bestseller, the Hainese Chicken. Perfect with the ginger oil, soy and chili condiments on the side. It comes with unlimited Hainan rice (which tastes a step better than regular rice).

The hot chick is also a good bet for those who want a little bite to their chicken.
the dumplings

We also tried their beef brisket noodles (brisket could've used 15 more minutes in a pressure cooker). Not fond of their dumplings too as I feel that it's closer to the texture of fish balls rather than minced pork or shrimp wrapped in a dumpling wrapper.
the oil on the top was from the chili oil  added by Phil

The place itself is quite spacious,  well lit, properly ventilated and clean. They also have  their own C.R. (WC, toilet, or whatever is the term from your region) so you won't have to look for that of the mall's. Even that area is well maintained and quite new looking.

The staff is quite friendly, accommodating and quite attentive (someone keeps on asking you if you want more rice or soup every 5 minutes..no kidding!!!)

By the way, here's a look at the menu (click pics to enlarge):

We've eaten there with our toddler twice or thrice, and so far, MAX has pretty much eaten well. Not a bad place, food is quite ok and the service, A plus!!

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours! 

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