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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pho The Love Of Food! : XOI Vietnamese Kitchen

In the competitive world of food industry, a great location is always not enough. The revolving door of food establishments that have set up shop, only to close a few months later has never really been a sore point for me. However, in this post, I would like to feature a new mall-based fast food that I would love to stick around for a long time.

Dear Readers, may I present to you the latest Vietnamese fast food restaurant to hit town, XOI Vietnamese Kitchen.

Perhaps it has something to do with Baguio City's cold weather, but thoughts of soul soothing Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) warming me up evokes happy thoughts.

Located at the 2nd floor of SM Baguio (in between TOSH and David's Tea House) is a small hole in the wall with some tables and chairs set up outside it's walls to accommodate more people.

Delicious, budget friendly Ala carte meals and dishes await those who would take time out to visit this new foodie locale.

The Menu:
A small yet sufficient menu that covers all the basics welcome you as soon as you stand to order from a  purple cheong-sam clad lady behind the small counter.

Here are your selections:

See? Short and simple yet sufficient?

The Food:
As delicious as they are, expect a major stomachache as the portions are HUGE! They're also very pretty too :)  Here's what we ordered:

good for 3 @ only 75 php
delicious sausage, egg and shrimp filled
fried spring rolls filled with crab, mushrooms, pork
and vermicelli
the sauce is sooooo yummy!!!
For a fast food, the shrimps were surprisingly fresh.
More than enough for 2

There's only but a short wait as far as service goes. Great, decent, honest-to-goodness wonderful staff that you'd expect from a more upscale restaurant (and sometimes not even).

We did try their pho before, but I couldn't seem to find the pics for that. The broth was clear and properly under seasoned. The noodles were those big, flat, almost translucent ones that I so love and there was a lot of chicken in the chicken pho that I ordered. The pho was served in what seemed to be the size of a small basin rather than a really really big bowl. It had ALL the necessary condiments, coriander leaves, Kafir lime leaves, lime wedges, chillies, Sriracha sauce and fish sauce. 

Another great foodie place experience!

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

**NOTE: we regretfully inform you that this establishment has closed it's doors.

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