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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

At The Macau Venetian

The Las Vegas of Asia, Macau has definitely earned this nickname. With a couple of big-named casinos from Vegas making their way to Asia, these establishments are more than just places to gamble in. In fact there's a little for everybody. Here's a look at one such place: The Macau Venetian:

Getting there:
The Venetian has a lot of shuttle buses going to and from various key points in the city. Ask you concierge just in case the Venetian shuttle makes rounds in your hotel, as it did ours. If they, this hotel is quite popular, and non English speaking cabbies  can get you there in a jiffy. Taking a cab from there is also easy, with a relatively fast moving cab line.

To the casino...
 What can I do there aside from gambling?:
 For those who haven't visited any of the Venetians in existence (I've only been to this one, but Phil's been to the one in Vegas), expect dining, shopping and entertainment in an opulent (somewhat gaudy) setting.
My fave shop for 2012..Pandora
Various shops (duty free) dot this 40 story, 7 hotel structure along the Cotai Strip. I'm not really sure how big the price differences are (outlet shops vs duty free). What I can compare is the purchase of a silver Pandora charm is cheaper by 600 PHP than buying it here in the Philippines. For a list of brands and their locations, click here.

MAX baffled by the blue sky at 11 PM
 Similar to that in Vegas (but less seamless looking-Phil), the perpetual daylight building was a delight to our toddler who was amazed as to why the sky was still blue at a late hour.

from Fatburger's @ the food court
There's a whole lot of restaurants to choose from, depending on the price range, cuisine and what have you. A food court is also available for those who want a little of everything (various cuisines and preferences catered, and they accept credit cards). For a list of cuisines and restaurants (except the ones in the food court) click here.

While he was sleeping...

The Gondola Ride:
Fun and friendly singing gondoliers take you on a romantic canal ride in an authentic Venetian gondola.Our gondolier was a bubbly blond Italian woman named Seraphina, who serenaded us with Chinese, Italian and American songs. Wasn't too fond of the Titanic Theme Song though, given we were on a boat, despite the shallowness of the man made, cistern blue canal waters. MAX would've loved the ride had he been awake :P

General Information


SHOP NO. 2660



Daily Canal Opening Times:

Grand Canal:
11:00AM  -  10:00PMMarco Polo:
11:00AM  -  07:00PMSan Luca:
11:00AM  -  07:00PM* Please confirm the opening times
when purchasing your tickets

**You can also buy your Venetian souvenirs at the shop near the gondola rides. 

love the fresco covered ceilings!

Various exhibits, shows, UFC fights and the likes happen at the Venetian so be sure to check their website before coming over.  Of course, you could always stay at their well appointed rooms to get a good feel of the place.

a closer look...

We had a fun filled night at the Venetian. Maybe next time we could stay there and see more of their amenities and other offerings.
we'll be back! mwahahaha

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

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