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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Come By Kampai: A Fastfood Review

You've probably heard of the good advice to NEVER go to a grocery on an empty stomach. We've always tried to abide by this rule (so as not to splurge)  but now, I'm kinda re thinking this.

It all began when I had to meet up with my cousin who is a full time mom and Greenmeadows resident. As with most moms, you can never go to the grocery one to many times, so we hooked up at Shopwise Libis.

MAX seriously loooves Miso soup

Being from Baguio and all, this is where I usually get my Majestic Ham stash. While going down to the food court area after picking up stuff in the supermarket, I came upon a relatively new place in the area: Kampai.

my Korean/Japanese bento box: beef bulgogi, seafood tempura, tuna sashimi and kani sticks, miso soup, sesame rice, 3 kinds appetizers (cabbage kimchi, pickled bean sprouts and radish kimchi) plus some navel orange slices all for 280 php

Kampai is a Korean/Japanese restaurant that features a variety of dishes from both nations and sort of a fusion on the set up of things.

spicy firecracker Maki at 80 php
The place is bright, seats are well placed, service is fast and the menu is pretty expansive. The portions are huge, well prepared, visually appetizing and delicious. I should also share the fact that the prices are more than reasonable for the quality, even if it is a fast food.

the New York maki, still at 80 php
For sure, I'll be back the next time I'm in the area. And maybe this time, I'll remember to take pictures of the menu :P

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

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