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Saturday, May 25, 2013

MARINA TUNA:Seafood Indulgence At Davao's Finest

boiled horseshoe crabs

I shall forever savor thoughts of our first night in the biggest city in Asia and the 2nd largest city (in terms of land area) in the world, Davao City.

Upon a strong recommendation from Phil’s cousins, we headed out to Marina Tuna along Lanang St., (J.P. Laurel Ave, Davao City) and for sure, the place did not disappoint.

Employing a dampa (market and cook) system, Marina Tuna has several tanks in the restaurant where you can see the cooks catch your sea food, similar to those fish market restaurants in Hongkong.

Our hostess was quite helpful in describing the things in the menu, and by the end of the ordering process, Phil and I could not help but order not so common sea food finds (at least for us dwelling in Baguio). Check out the crazy long menu:

Here’s what we got:

giant sauteed clams

hands down fave: grilled swordfish jaw

MAX's old reliable: grilled pork

garlic and cheese grilled scallops

pomelo shake: disappointing for a place that grows the country's sweetest pomelo, this glass was sugar laden

They threw in sweet, ripe Cavendish bananas too along with the meal. The same bananas are sold in the restaurant for a measly 10 php per kilo.

The branch we ate at was the original restaurant. A second, though smaller branch has been opened at SM Davao.

This has to be one of our BEST.MEAL.EVER.

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours.

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