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Friday, January 10, 2014

COSTA VILLA BEACH RESORT: Family Fun and Surfing

While Baguio City is still one of the premier destinations during the Holy Week, people tend to want to hit two birds with one stone. After getting some r&r in the cool climes of the City of Pines, a brief or overnight sojourn to the beach soon follows before the weary travel shoves off to home.

Costa Villa's beachfront
And since Baguio is a mere 45 minutes from San Juan, the most happening surf town in the north, learning how to surf may just be the perfect end to a long vacation. 

There are a lot of perfectly decent resorts in San Juan La Union especially those that offer surfing lessons. But if you ever find yourself missing out on the last room in those resorts, here’s a pretty decent alternative for you and your family: Costa Villa.

Our last trip to the place was triggered by the need to warm up, and get some sun, after the plummeting temperatures here in Baguio City.

 We were a group of 3 kids and 3 adults. It was a spur of the moment booking via agoda.com, and we were faced with the uncertainty of getting x amount of rooms. Thankfully, we were not disappointed in our decision.

cottage #17
Renting out their apartelle for an overnight stay, the uber helpful and friendly staff helped us settle in our home away from home. The place is enough to fit a family of 6 comfortably. 

While there was only a queen bed in the solitary bedroom upstairs, there was an adequate amount of mattresses and corresponding pillows and sheets to make the night’s 40 winks, A1.

An ensuite bathroom that had hot water was reliable. Nothing special.

A small balcony gave us our little nook to see the night sky and to hang our wet swim stuff dry.

Down below was our own living room, dining area and small kitchen, that had all the basics (stove, fridge, utensils and pots and pans), should one want to cook.

The resort also has it’s own restaurant. The food should be better now, as the lackadaisical cook we encountered is now gone.

Restaurant's just above the pool area
Should you not want to eat there, a good many food establishments are 10 to 15 minutes away, some housed in a not so far mall that has a Puregold Supermarket as it’s ground floor. 

In close proximity to the other “Surfing” resorts, Costa Villa does rent out gear and offers lessons. However, the waves in the area are quite wicked that they make you sign a waiver prior to hitting the waves. For novices, they highly recommend surfing in another area.

The place, if anything, is clean. They also have a covered pool for those who want to swim without the sun burning down on them.

Aside from that one isolated incident with the cook and his knowledge (lack of) on the food and beverage industry, we had a pleasant stay. It’s not the Ritz, but hey..we’re mediocre that way :)

For a look at their quite cost effective rates, services and facilities, please visit their website  (PLEASE CLICK HERE).

From TMW, may your wanderings be better than ours!

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