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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How KINABUCH's BAR AND GRILL Ruined Other Crispy Patas For Us

If you find yourself in Palawan, particularly in Puerto Princesa, be sure to check out Kinabuch’s Bar and Grill. 

From the get go, the locals have been raving, yes, RAVING about how good the food is in that place.
We were holed up in a resort a little bit further from the city proper, compounded by bad roads that heading out wasn’t something we were looking forward to. 

"bummed out about the cancelled flight, yet looking forward to dinner" look

Having our flight canceled at the last minute because of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), we were a bit bummed out (not understanding how bad the storm was at that time). The resort’s driver had errands to run so we had ourselves dropped off at Kinabuch, just because it was the first restaurant we could think of.

When we got there, the place was 90% full, which was saying a lot, given the dismal weather and the fact that the place was not just a hole in the wall.

Upon seeing our van arrive, a wait staff and a security guard rushed to us with ready umbrellas, seating us in less than 3 minutes soon after, with our menus and an electric fan pointing towards our group (how’s that for fast service huh?).

Looking through the extensive menu,  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW MENU) we decided we wanted something with soup (coz of the weather), something local or exotic and a lot of meat (hey, if we were going to be stranded by the storm, we might as well be well fed). Here’s what we got:

I must say, after having their crispy pata, no crispy pata to this date can ever meet up to Kinabuch’s standards. The skin was thin and uber crispy, the meat, tender and oh so moist. I swear, Phil, myself and the 3 kids were in pork nirvana :-) 

The fried tamilok (which we had tried earlier in the trip) tasted like fried oysters. Lightly battered then breaded; crunchy on the outside, yet nice and soft on the inside, you’d forget you were eating woodworm.
going through half, that's when we realized we forgot to take food  pics

Lastly, the bulalo. Perfectly seasoned beef broth, not greasy, filled with huge tender beef pieces and slightly firm marrow, waiting for you to suck it out whole without falling apart, best describes our eating experience at Kinabuch’s.  

While eating we noticed that the turnover was also high. After one group leaves, another one takes its place. Clearly our tour guides did not disappoint with this recommendation. The dessert was A ok too. 
Much too soon, the meal ended and our driver was set to pick us up in a few. Yet, somehow, our thoughts lingered on the meal that was. The kids and us grownups could not stop wishing for a Kinabuch's here in Baguio, and it’s been a couple of months since we got back. Try it. It’s really a great place to sit back and inhale (it seemed that way when all the food disappeared) your meal :)

Check out their Facebook page at this link for more information: PLEASE CLICK HERE

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!

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