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Monday, January 21, 2019

An Honest Look At The Lafaayette Luxury Suites

the first time we stayed in Lafaayette
We're almost half-way through January and I'm trying to do right by my New Year's resolution of writing a blog post more often. So cliched? Absolutely! But then again, I haven't blogged about places and things of interest in over a year.

checking in
For my first 2019 TMW post, I'd like to talk about the Lafaayette Luxury Suites in Bauang, La Union.

my boys and I, Lafaayette.2017
This wasn't our first time in the resort. The last time the family and I were there, it was a few days after Christmas of 2017. The resort was fairly new then - opening a few months earlier and my 5-month-pregnant self enjoyed the more-than-just-basic creature comforts of the place.

my orcas  (lol) Lafaayette.2019
Fast forward to January 3-5 and my in laws, S.O. and 2 younger sons were back for some water, sun and sand.


Located in 353 Baccuit Sur Bauang, La Union, accessing Waze may be the best option (if you're driving) as it isn't something that's along the highway. There will be twists and turns getting there upon reaching La Union, which can be slightly confusing if you're not familiar with the area. However, because of their location, you are guaranteed a wide beachfront with "soft sand and short waves", to quote the resort's website. Score: 4/5

warm smiles, fast service and the top notch customer service (our son Justice gives it 2 thumbs up!)...Thanks Cherry!

I've always believed that a business lives and dies by the quality of its service. Based on this criteria alone, I'd have to say that Lafaayette has this category down. Fast, efficient, knowledgeable and charming are some key adjectives I'd like to use in describing the staff members we've come across with. Two thumbs up to Cherry and Janet - ladies who have attended our family in both visits. The fact that they remembered our faces and small details of our last visit shows their attention to details and customer service. Score: 5/5

families would definitely enjoy Lafaayette

sweet cooked ham, sweet native sausages, potato wedges, scrambled eggs...we've had better brekkies from 200 pesos eat-all-you-can breakfast buffets
a. FOOD and DINING - the breakfast buffet if nothing to write home about. Given the rates they charge on accommodations, it's a big letdown. 2 protein based viands, 1 veggie based dish, pre-cooked eggs, one kind of fruit (watermelon), a soup of the day and rice, make up the included breakfast.

The resort houses it's own restos that both serve the same food and drink items- The Matahari Cafe and The Lovina Bar and Restaurant.

It's a hit or miss - flavors may be great, but meat may be a tad tough...etc. Snack items are delicious, but a bit on the pricier side. Viands are great for sharing, but ala carte meals are both expensive and small portioned.  Take a look at their menu:

b. FACILITIES - The resort has a nice wide beachfront and gentler waves (as compared to that in nearby San Juan).

Huge bean bags and recliners under white topped umbrellas on the shoreline give you  the perfect spot to watch the sun rise and the sun set.

The infinity pool and the kiddie pool are good sized, always clean and guaranteed to be perfect back drops for your Instagram - able pictures. A life guard is always on stand by too, which is such a plus plus.

MAX loves the clean waters fronting Lafaayette
The pool furniture surrounding the area is also both A-plus for it's form and function.

Parking and security is also more than satisfactory and the manicured lawns facing the villas are always well maintained.

Twilight is truly a magical time to be outdoors at Lafaayette
Score: 3/5 (points deducted mostly for the food the place offered)


There are three types of accommodations in Lafaayette - the deluxe suite, the family suite and the 3-room villa. We were a big group of 19, the first time around and a group of 17 in our last stay that we've always booked 2 villas for our group.

The 2-storey luxury villas are quite spacious and well-furnished - 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchenette, dining room and a balcony on top.

The bedrooms are beautifully arranged with just the right amount of furniture and storage spaces.

The beds (king-sized or not) are all huge, and equipped with the right amount and kind of beddings, to give you a good night's rest.

Bathrooms are huge (no tubs though), are packed with enough toiletries and towels and good water pressure for those hot and cold showers you'll be taking.

Each room, as well as the common areas, have air conditioning and are equipped with a flat screen TV with cable.

Our Family (Lafaayette.2017)

WiFi is free, but sometimes spotty. Score: 5/5

5. VALUE for your MONEY:

Lafaayette Luxury Suites is anything BUT cheap. The place is extremely pretty, has all the facilities you'll need for getting your water, sun and sand fix, indulges you with great service and gives you a lot of space and the needed creature comforts for a wonderful stay. All nice things for sure -but it is expensive. Here are their rates:

Score: 2/5

So there you have it. An honest review of The Lafaayette Luxury Suites. It's a place worth checking out, a place worth staying at...if price wasn't an issue for all The Mediocre Wanderers out there. Overall Score: 3.8/5 

For more info, visit the LAFAAYETTE WEBSITE.

Our Family (Lafaayette.2019)

From TMW, may all your wanderings be better than ours!!